Dairy Farm – Sussex, NB



This is a full turnkey operation that comes with all equipment, cattle/herd and a 131.45 kg quota. Nice dairy farm with a 14-year-old main dairy barn.

This farm is located about 2 km outside of Sussex, the dairy capital of Eastern Canada. There are 285 +/- acres (115 ha) of land with roughly 273 acres (110 ha) cleared and an additional 240 acres (97 ha) rented at a very reasonable cost.

Currently, it has 225 registered Holstein cows, heifers, and calves. The cow barn comes with alley scrappers, two Boumatic robotic milkers, heated floor in the milking room for added milking comfort, 24-foot ceiling fan to cool cows off in the summer and curtain walls on both sides of the barn. The manure is stored in a lagoon. The heifer barn is 67 ft x 140 ft and is 8 years old, the older milking barn is used for calves and comes with an automated calf feeder. There is also an equipment garage that comes with loads of tools.

Equipment list is available upon request.

Additional Details

  • Heifer Barn
    67 ft. x 140 ft., 8 years old
  • Dairy Barn
    14 years old
  • Calf Barn
    comes with automated calf feeder
  • Equipment Garage
    tools included


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