Dairy Farm – Shinimicas, NS



638 Acre Dairy Farm – 126.31 kg

This property can be sold with less land and/or quota, please inquire.

Beautiful dairy farm located in Shinimicas, Nova Scotia. This dairy farm has 126.31 kg quota with 638 acres of land, of which 260 are clear and tiled. An extra 100 acres is available for lease. Comes with 185 cattle, of which 100 are milkers and the rest young cattle/replacement heifers (closed herd). The property is very well maintained. The dairy barn comes with 2 De Laval milking robots and has an automated feeding system (comparable to Weelink). The owners use a crop nutrient management plan to increase production and profit.

The main house is 2900 sq.ft., comes with 5 bedrooms, and 2 full bathrooms. Big kitchen, living room, office, laundry/hall, and full bathroom located downstairs. The 5 bedrooms and one full bathroom are located upstairs, there is also an unfinished attic.

Nearby are two more homes, one of which is 2000 sq.ft. and is older, as well as a newer mini home of 16 ft. x 56 ft.

This property can be sold with less quota/land. There are several buying options.

Located 20 minutes from Amherst and approx. 1 hour from Truro and Moncton.


Additional Details

  • Dairy Barn
    100 ft. x 136 ft. slatted floors, 122 stalls
  • Manure Pit
    100 ft. x 106 ft. 10-ft deep
  • Pole Barn
    70 ft. x 70 ft. free stall, dry cows/heifers (located on a different parcel, with minihome)
  • Heifer Barn
    62 ft. x 80 ft. & 14 ft. x 18 ft. with a utility room of 14 ft. x 9 ft., 66 stalls, center feed ally, 2 rows free stall, natural curtain ventilation
  • Tarp Barn
    30 ft. x 70 ft
  • Machine Shed
    60 ft. x 104 ft.


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